BioDATEN Services

BioDATEN developed several services to foster RDM and to make date FAIR.

  1. Metadata annotation. The foundation of RDM and FAIR data are metadata. Thus, we worked on a metadata schema and a web-based annotation fronted and backend (both under open source available here and here) to provides users with the means to capture relevant metadata about their research data. These metadata can be used for the publication process to reduce need to fill out yet another form.
  2. Research data publication. In order to fulfil the FAIR principles research data must be available - as long as there are no good reason against it. BioDATEN in connected to the FDAT Repository at the University of Tübingen, thus ensuring availability for at least 10 years. BioDATEN has its own (non-public, login required) community with its own policies on data curation. 
  3. Research data must be findable. BioDATEN built a search engine based on VuFind to provide a cross-repository search by harvesting and including research data from other repositories.   

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